Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Today's show.
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Son, Ambulance- Brown Park
Michael Runion- Odetta
Polaris- Coranado Ii
Pete Yorn and Scarlett Johansen- Wear and Tear
Mary Lou Lord- I Figured You Out
The Almighty Defenders-Cone of Light
Port O'Brien- My Will is Good
Little Joy-The Next Time Around
Austin Crane- My Timid Lamb
The Dutchess & The Duke- Let it Die
Ryan Bingham -I Don't Know
The XX-Islands
Girls- Ghost Mouth
The Pains of Being Pure at Heart- Higher Than the Stars
Maps of Norway- Tyranny is Over

Best in Show: "Coronado Ii" by Polaris. Pete and Pete was the shit y'all!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


New show time. Wednesdays, 6-7AM!
WUSC 90.5 FM
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Mostly artists from or based out of California/the Los Angeles Area

Any Fun- Coconut Records
16th & Valencia, Roxy Music- Devendra Banhart
It Was Love- The Elected
Hand of God- Jason Boesel
Something on Your Mind- Karen Dalton
What I Say and What I Mean- The Like
Keep Me in Mind- Little Joy
The Daylight- Michael Runion
Shampoo- Pete Yorn and Scarlet Johansen
Black Hole- She & Him
Restless- Whispertown 2000
XX Intro WWIV- Jams F. Kennedy

Tegucigalpa- The Fruit Bats
100 Degrees- Shout Out Louds
Waiting for October- Polaris
Me and Mia- Ted Leo and the Pharmacists
Holiday Review- Magnolia Sons

Best in Show: "The Daylight" by Michael Runion. Love this guy
(also love his version with Z Berg from The Like!)

Saturday, January 9, 2010


Recently found a playlist from what I believe was my 2nd show of the year.
Looks like I sort of broke the rules with this one, whoops!
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The Long Winters- It'll Be a Breeze
Old 97's- Rollerskate Skinny
Jolie Holland- Moonshiner
Sleep Station- After the War
Death Cab for Cutie- Rockin' Chair (The Band cover)
Guster-Jesus on the Radio
Whispertown 2000- Old Times
Midlake- Roscoe
Mary Lou Lord- Hard Road
The Stone Roses- Waterfall
Alberta Cross- Old Man Chicago
Sea Wolf- Orion &Dog
Fruit Bats- Flamingo
Jennifer Leonhardt- More Rope
Orba Squara- Treasure Map
My Morning Jacket- It Makes No Difference (The Band cover)

Best in Show: "Old Man Chicago" by Alberta Cross and "Waterfall" by The Stone Roses

Oh, and I'm pretty sure I like MMJ's version of 'It Makes No Difference' better than The Band's. It's just so good every time.

Thursday, January 7, 2010


My last documented Playlist of the Fall Semester.
New/earlier time slot for the Spring! (hopefully)
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Oh, hey- suggestions for songs/artists always appreciated!
Non Top 40 stuff!

Jolie Holland- "Roll My Blues"
Austin Crane- "The First Shall Be"
The Red House Painters- "Wop a Din Din"
Preston School of Industry- "Caught in the Rain"
Mary Lou Lord- "Speeding Motorcycle (Live)" (Daniel Johnston cover)
Vetiver- "Everyday"
The Long Winters- "Ultimatum"
Devendra Banhart- "Angelika"
Uncle Tupelo- "Wait Up"
Stars- "Your Ex-Lover is Dead"
Old 97's- "Smokers"
Alberta Cross- "Old Man Chicago"
Sea Wolf- "Spirit Horse"
Missions of Burma- "Good Cheer"

Best in Show: "The First Shall Be" by Austin Crane off of the album Place at the Table
These guys are Columbia, SC natives! Their sound is dope, kind of reminds me of The Decemberists.
Get familiar!!


For WUSC's Fall Fundraiser: Playing Favorites, I played nothing but Guster on my show.
I had recently seen them live at The Neighborhood Theatre in Charlotte, NC, so I was still giddy from that experience and wanted nothing more than to convert my listener(s?) into Guster fans!
Here's the Playlist!
Listen to WUSC live at any time!

The Harder They Come
Careful (Live)
I'm Through
Two of Us (Beatles cover)
Say That to My Face
Great Escape
The Sun Shines Down on Me
This Wheel's on Fire (The Band cover)
Nothing But Flowers (Talking Heads cover)
Sunday Afternoon
G Major

Best in Show: "Sunday Afternoon" off of The Pasty Tapes, Vol. 2

Guster is also into environmental activism!
Band Member Adam Gardner is co-founder of Reverb, a non-profit that has been greening the tours of artists such as Avril Lavigne, Willie Nelson, and Dave Matthews Band! Check Reverb out and see what you can do to help!

Also Check Out:
Member Joe Pisapia's solo work!
Guster's Twitter Page edited by lead singer Ryan


So I have a radio show, "A Shot in the Dark" on my college's non- top 40 radio station: WUSC 90.5 FM.
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Here is the Playlist from one of my first shows of the year!

Sleep Station- "Caroline, London 1940"
Whiskeytown- "Midway Park"
Old 97's- "Busted Afternoon"
Feist- "Mushaboom"
The Long Winters- "Cinnamon"
Devendra Banhart- "An Island"
Pete Yorn- "EZ"
Monsters of Folk- "Dear God"
Beck- "True Love Will Find You in The End"
Daniel Johnston- "Walking the Cow"
The Stone Roses- "She Bangs the Drums"
The Fruit Bats- "Tegucigalpa"
Uncle Tupelo- "Screen Door"
Lissy Trullie- "Self Taught Learner"

Best in Show: The Fruit Bats- "Tegucigalpa" off of their latest album The Ruminant Band
(LOVE this album! Very fun and catchy)
preview all songs here