Thursday, January 7, 2010


For WUSC's Fall Fundraiser: Playing Favorites, I played nothing but Guster on my show.
I had recently seen them live at The Neighborhood Theatre in Charlotte, NC, so I was still giddy from that experience and wanted nothing more than to convert my listener(s?) into Guster fans!
Here's the Playlist!
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The Harder They Come
Careful (Live)
I'm Through
Two of Us (Beatles cover)
Say That to My Face
Great Escape
The Sun Shines Down on Me
This Wheel's on Fire (The Band cover)
Nothing But Flowers (Talking Heads cover)
Sunday Afternoon
G Major

Best in Show: "Sunday Afternoon" off of The Pasty Tapes, Vol. 2

Guster is also into environmental activism!
Band Member Adam Gardner is co-founder of Reverb, a non-profit that has been greening the tours of artists such as Avril Lavigne, Willie Nelson, and Dave Matthews Band! Check Reverb out and see what you can do to help!

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Member Joe Pisapia's solo work!
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